Enter Sam Kendricks;

In this kind of sport your whole focus is “How am I going to do in competition” because that’s where it matters honestly.. Where do those PR’s (personal records) actually get set? Well, you can have a practice best, you can. But everybody knows that it counts when you put a bar up in a meet and you have three attempts and a time limit… It makes it real. And that’s why it’s so special everybody. That’s why it’s special to me too, I love competition. That’s my favorite part of my job; that I get to compete, and sometimes you lose.


What I do to mentally prepare for a meet is that I have to really remark mentally on my confidence. To understand that, these are the things that I’ve done in my training. This is why I prepared.


My coach (my father) Scott Kendricks a great coach from Mississippi, we talk about stories from old Pole Vault competitions, other great pole vaulters from the past that may have jumped at whatever venue we are jumping at. And, we really make ourselves a part of whatever we are going to be a part of in that part of our lives. Which I think is really cool.


On a more base level, I get a haircut a lot of times. I like to jump fresh, keep my fade as they say, keep my fade nice and trim. Keep it in regulations, cause I know sometimes I am going to be on TV and I really wanna put out that best image of what I want to be as a professional and as a jumper.

Before practice and before coach shows up; my coach shows up when I’m ready to jump because everything else is on me, my job is to be ready physically, be ready mentally, be ready spiritually for practice. It’s also my job to get there early and get all the things ready and really harp on those details that are gonna make a great practice work. So that’s really how you jump into that.