How do you stay in shape and healthy for pole vault?

Answer: You pole vault a lot, there are no exceptions for jumping in this sport.

If you look at the trend of great jumpers and how often they jumped when they were growing. Now, as they get older you jump less and less because it puts a lot of strain on your body but you have to learn a way for your jump to put the least strain on your body so that you can really enjoy the event.

But, my own personal method, one we developed because of the way I’ve grown as an athlete, is that you don’t need too much strength in the weight room to be a great jumper. Now, it is some jumpers great asset to be able to feel that physical strength, and feel that speed on the runway, and gain that from the weight room. That has never been my case but I am utilizing the weight room these days in order to be faster. Because it is another niche to put that effort, to really get something out of it.

So, what I do to stay in shape is to kind of blend my army styles but I make sure I work everything into a balanced state. Because when I was younger I made the mistake of just doing push-ups just doing core just doing sprinting. And that is so front side that’s everything chest everything frontside core, hip flexors, quad.

And because of that, I developed problems, I really did. It was because I didn’t know and the largest hurdle in this sport is what your knowledge base is and who you are learning from. And I had to learn how to make myself a more balanced athlete, and I’m still struggling with it. But, that something I really have to attack every day.