I get this question quite a bit.

Now, what causes this down period, what causes this inability to accomplish what’s in front of you?

For me it was always injury, man, being injured sucks.

Whether it’s shin splints, back injuries, shoulder injuries, knee injuries. These things stink because they take you out of what you love to do and really make you miss what you love to do.

And so my goal was to not be injured, I had to give up a lot of things.

I had to give up intramural sports I had to give up being a high school hero on the football field in order to not risk what I have in order to do my event.

Now, I sit on the sidelines and I cheer, but I don’t go play ultimate frisbee with my boys anymore.

I’ll juggle the soccer ball with them but that’s about it, and you have to make those sacrifices in order to not get hurt.

And I really have to focus on my recovery and not overtraining in pursuit of my professional athletic endeavor.

I really have to become a balanced athlete because that is going to prevent me from a lot of injuries Like I said earlier in How I mentally prepare for a meet.  

So, when you get into a vaulting slump whether that is mental or physical, you really need to take it back down just as if you were injured.

If I injured an ankle, I need to fight the pain, stimulate healing, and I need to use it.

You use it or you lose it in this kind of world, I think so you really need to find a way you can break it down to a level that you can accomplish and build back up from there.

I know it comes up a lot of ways but I hear a lot of caught right in the middle. I’m at 4-steps but when I go back to five steps on the runway, I run through every time.

Now there’s something to be said about confidence there so what I would do in that kind of situation is I would take it off the runway.

I would learn to run with that pole, one of the most if not the most important aspect of the vault is the run. And would learn to run with the pole.

I’m not trying to fight every way a vaulter can get into a slump but what I want you to know is if you need to take it away from that struggle, don’t quit in the face of adversity and this mental block, kind of divert.

Find a way to make yourself stronger so when you come back, you can break right through that barrier. And maybe it’s not something you should have been doing in the first place. Maybe you’re trying to go up to too big of a pole too soon, don’t force yourself into that kind of a rut.

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How To Get Out Of A Vaulting Slump | SAM KENDRICKS ANSWERS