I want to start by saying congrats. You made it through the end of the track season!

Take a breath and congratulate yourself! You worked hard and did the best that you could.

No matter how you ended this season: good, really good, or not so good. It’s important to think about how these next couple of months are going to go and how they will affect next season.

And that’s why I’m here! In this article, I am going to tell you the 5 steps for us to power through the end of the season and keep you guys flying high.

So, strap on your spikes and let’s jump into the offseason!


1.) Stay in Shape

Transitioning to the offseason is mostly a change in mindset, and yours will go one of two ways. One way will lead you to a life of Cheetos and doughnuts on the couch, which sounds all well and good until you need to get those extra 15 pounds over a crossbar.

The other, more advised, mindset is one that will lead you to an incredible summer that will really pay off for you in your vaulting career.  

Now, staying in shape doesn’t mean going nuts and overworking yourself during your period of rest. The offseason is there for a reason and you really do need that time.

However! That doesn’t mean that you should let go completely. Staying in shape is essential, and it doesn’t just mean that you need to keep working out all the time.

Where you need to focus is diet, mental health, and finally your physical shape.

As far as diet goes, you shouldn’t worry too much about limiting what you eat as long as you are giving your body the good stuff. My coach always told me to try to get all the colors of the rainbow in my diet during the week (and yes I checked, skittles don’t count #TasteTheRainbow).

Mental health should be another major focus for you especially if you have struggled in the past. For me, meditation and journaling really help, but for others, therapy could be the best option and it’s not just for those who are struggling. Use your mental strength as your competitive advantage. Pole Vault is 80% mental and the rest is in your head.

Finally, keep focused on your physical health too. Develop a workout routine and try following the next steps to take advantage of the offseason.


2.) Find a Club

The best way to improve your pole vaulting this summer is to pole vault. So, I encourage you to go out and join one of the hundreds of clubs around the country.

You will end up getting a ton of value from having a coach to show you the way. Oftentimes the clubs will put on their own meets too, so you can get some practice in competition and kill it when the season comes around.

They are also good for making new pole vault friends and turning those people you generally think as the bad guys into teammates.  


3.) Go to Meets

Something Sam Kendricks is always preaching is focusing on competition-based training. The best way to continue that training is by actually competing over the summer! There are a ton of very cool pole vault meets that are just a Google search away!

My favorite ones to go to are the beach vaults on both coasts and in Michigan. Whether you are just watching or actually vaulting, it is always a good time.


4.) Workout Plans

Some of us don’t have the option to join a club. Maybe it’s because of the price, location, or maybe you are flat out too busy.

Either way, you can’t let any of those factors stop you from taking advantage of the offseason. The best way that you can keep improving is by finding a workout plan and actually sticking to it!

You are always able to buy our Taking Advantage of the Offseason eBook where we include all sorts of workout plans for on and off the runway and lots of other goodies. However, sometimes all you need to do is ask your coach what they think is best for you specifically.


5.) Online Coaching

Hopefully, you have found something useful in these steps, but some people need more individual attention.

If you have a coach or not, there is always a benefit in listening to separate opinions. In the coming weeks, as a result of popular request, we are going to start offering online coaching through Apex Vaulting. You will be able to find it right on this website so stay tuned!

I wish you all a happy Offseason!



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Nick from POLEVAULTR.com