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How to get out of a vaulting slump

I get this question quite a bit. Now, what causes this down period, what causes this inability to accomplish what’s in front of you? For me it was always injury, man, being injured sucks. Whether it’s shin splints, back injuries, shoulder injuries, knee injuries. These things stink because they take you out of what [...]

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What Sam Kendricks wanted to be when he was a kid

Q: What did you want to be when you were a kid A: Once I got the worm in my head that I could actually do this a long time, man, that was my primary plan. But I wanted to be a military man, um, my father - he’s a historian and a Marine [...]

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Sam Kendrick’s #1 Trick To Staying In Shape For The Vault

You pole vault a lot, there’s no exceptions for jumping in this sport. If you look at the trend of great jumpers and how often they jumped when they were growing. Now, as they get older you jump less and less because it puts a lot of strain on your body but you have [...]

Sam Kendrick’s #1 Trick To Staying In Shape For The Vault2017-06-15T02:00:48+00:00

Sam Kendrick’s 3 Secrets On Being Mentally Prepared To Pole Vault

Enter Sam Kendricks; In this kind of sport your whole focus is “How am I going to do in competition” because that’s where it matters honestly.. Where do those PR’s (personal records) actually get set? Well, you can have a practice best, you can. But everybody knows that it counts when you put a [...]

Sam Kendrick’s 3 Secrets On Being Mentally Prepared To Pole Vault2017-06-15T02:02:56+00:00

The Only Handstand Tutorial You’ll Ever Need Positioning, Progressions, and programming

Key points ahead: Handstands can make you better at everything. One of the keys to success with the handstand is warming up your wrists and shoulders. Body positioning and breathing are important, so I’ll tell you what to pay attention to specifically. There are 4 key progressions to getting a freestanding handstand. Finally, I’ll show [...]

The Only Handstand Tutorial You’ll Ever Need Positioning, Progressions, and programming2017-04-01T14:55:06+00:00

Hard Core, Core

A strong core will allow you to keep optimal body alignment for whatever you’re doing (swim, bike or run), and this in turn will reduce your fatigue in the long run. "If your core is weak, nothing else can be strong" By Justin Maguire B.T.com contributor Thought I'd capture some simple thoughts about the importance [...]

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Pole Vault Workouts

Pole vaulting is a combination of many athletic skills, and your workout should include portions for each. Michael Marek, a former University of Wisconsin vaulter and a current high school vaulting coach, says: "Pole vaulting is best suited for well-toned, lean, fit bodies conditioned for sprinting, jumping, stamina and endurance." With those qualities in mind, [...]

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How to Heal a Sprained Ankle

The official line from the Red Cross, coaches, physiotherapists, and most doctors, is that there is a scientific method to dealing with a sprain – Ice, Compress, and Elevate (the so-called ICE method). But a recent position paper from the National Athletic Trainers Association (pdf) says that’s probably not the best approach to a sprain. [...]

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How to Recover from a Hard Workout

I’m training for my fourth half-marathon and trying to break 1:45. I’ve upped my training substantially and wonder if you have any tips for tracking training recovery. I want to push it, but I also don’t want to overtrain and burn out. I’ve been known to push too hard at times, and I’m really trying [...]

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Hamstring Rehab

Aims of rehabilitation The following guidelines are for information purposes only. We recommend seeking professional advice before attempting rehabilitation. The aims of this pulled hamstring rehab program are to reduce pain and inflammation, improve flexibility and muscle condition, increase the load through the hamstring muscle gradually to a level where the athlete can return to [...]

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